Club Policies and Documents



No refunds will be issued unless they are due to a documented medical condition. Refunds will be subject to a $35.00 administration fee. Please note that the OSA registration system, AIMS, is mandated by Ontario Soccer and is maintained by a third party who charges us a fee for each player registered. Should a player withdraw, we do not receive a refund on this amount which is reflected in any refund a player receives from the Club. 

Behaviour Policies

We aim to create an environment where all members and participants feel safe and comfortable. Please use the following behaviour policies to guide membership conduct:

Zero Tolerance Policy

Screening & Harassment

Dispute Resolution

Accessibility Policy

Equity & Inclusion Policy

Incident Reporting

Please use the following guide if an incident occurs in a club sanctioned event: click here

Please click here for our Incident Report.

What type of incident should be reported to NYCSC?

Behaviour counter to any applicable Club code of conduct by a Club member or a non-Club member, as well as any other incidents one may feel needs to be reported. Please submit the report within a 30 day period of the incident. If unsure, you may file a report or contact the President to discuss the incident ( 

Head Injury POLICY 

Soccer is a contact sport and athletes are at risk of head injury. It is important for all participants, volunteers, coaches, conveners, referees and parents to understand that when a head injury occurs or is suspected that the participant must come off the field and not return to play (until cleared by a medical professional). 

The Club utilizes the following Canada Soccer policy as our Concussion Guideline (click)

For more detailed information, please use the following guide: 2018 Concussion Guide

Or, visit the Ontario Soccer Concussion Information Guide or the Ontario Soccer Brain Health Resources (click).

Inclement Weather Policy

We advise that all NYCSC members use their best judgement when determining safe playing conditions. Please use the following policy to guide your decision-making:

Inclement Weather Policy

For lightning, we use Canada Soccer's procedure to ensure player safety:

Canada Soccer Lightning Policy

As well, please see our guidelines for avoiding heat related injuries and issues:

Avoiding and Preventing Heat Related Injuries

NYCSC Constitution

Please click here for access to the latest Club Constitution, most recently updated in 2009.