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North York cosmos 2003 BOYS



Team Contact:

Gina Voutsas - ginavoutsas@rogers.com  |  416-318-9446


Team Summary:

Welcome to the 2003 Boys Rep Team Page! This team is committed to providing young boys the opportunity to improve both their personal and soccer development in a manner that underlines respect and sportsmanship. The coaching staff on hand has experience at the highest level in Canada and Jamaica. The head coach Vincent Rowe, an ex-player of the Jamaican National team, and the Assistant Coach Giorge Voutsas, past player at the OPDL level for 5 years/McMaster Graduated Kinesiologist/validated certified physiologist/certified Heart and Stroke CPR-Healthcare Provider C/Heart and Stroke Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support certified, are committed to providing a positive learning environment for the boys that facilitates a winning mentality on and off the field. The coaching staff has underlined a soccer philosophy that consists of passing, movement, and incisive game decisions. In analyzing strategy, fitness, and game situations we hope to employ a passing and pressing philosophy in regards to our personal soccer identity. Above how we view the game, we also hope to teach the boys valuable life lessons and moral values that they can use on and off the field in an attempt to not only develop young soccer players but also young men. 

    We welcome any interested parties in joining our team to contact our Manager Gina Voutsas via email (ginavoutsas@rogers.com) or via phone (416-318-9446). We firmly believe in the development of the boys and encourage boys of all skill levels to try out. All we ask as the coaching staff, is for any boy that is interested in trying out for the team be ready to be committed to attendance and have the motivation to improve their technical and game strategy. We look forward to meeting prospective future players and families in joining our own Cosmos family! We promise to facilitate the transition of your young boys to men while developing their tactical and technical qualities on the road to becoming a respected student-athlete.


Coaching Staff:

Vincent Rowe

Head Coach

Giorge Voutsas

Assistant Head Coach/Fitness Coach

Gina Voutsas